1. Explore Sacred Imagery of Soul 

  2. Ignite Imagination

  3. See Expanded Perspectives

  4. Express Archetypal Forces

  5. Expand into Wider Wisdoms 

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

When light passes through a prism it refracts the colors of the rainbow. Light enables you to see the many colored patterns of living, both externally and internally. Seeing these varied patterns expands wisdom and deepens insight.

Archetypal patterns of light & shadow are cultivated in the Brow Chakra. It is here in the Third Eye, where intuition is cultivated, and imagination opens possibilities that can be channeled down the Chakras into creation.

This frequency of wisdom is realized in the sixth stage of the Medicine Wheel of Life, in the Renaissance Expression of Soul. At this stage of maturation, you are able to offer a revolutionary pattern of learning to the community as a service to soul centric evolution.

Receive Intuition. Imagine Possibilities. Cosmic Consciousness.

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