SoulCollage Immersions 


EcoSoul Retreat Center

Aurora, CO (RSVP for directions)

10:15 am - 6:30pm

$95 per person (includes art supplies)

Focusing on one chakra a month, Raven Shree guides you through the EcoSoul of the chakras. These full day immersions provide you with potent time and space to embody your own experience of each chakra, exploring and expressing how each frequency is present in your life.

Each Chakra SoulCollage immersion provides time for:

“The study of the chakras has been an awakening experience for me. The knowledge Raven brings and the manner in which it is presented is outstanding. I am truly on a journey within and I can see the light shining through times of darkness. I am learning to be more focused and in the present moment.” Linda

What People are Saying...

“Raven, you are an amazing teacher. Your love and compassion is so apparent. You have the ability to help someone feel safe and secure as they are peeling the onion of  their soul open for themselves and everyone to see. A very vulnerable position. But in your presence it feels right. That is a gift. You are a beacon of light. Thank you so much for all your laughter, love, and support. SoulCollage is AMAZING” Jeanne

  1. Intimate Community & Witness Council

  2. Group Exercises, Embodied Alchemy

  3. SoulCollage Creation & Access to Amazing Imagery

  4. Journaling. Soul Poetry. Meditation

  5. Guided Journey, Inspirational Chakra Soundtracks

A private Facebook page is available to participants. This community communication medium supports you in staying connected with others journeying through the chakras, giving each person a place to share cards creations and soul inspirations.