Creative Studios

  1. BulletGather in Amazing SoulCollage Community

  2. BulletAccess Quality Materials to Create Cards

  3. BulletHave Fun Exploring & Expressing YOU

  4. BulletJourney Through the Symbols of Your Creations

  5. BulletExpand your Deck

Creative Studios provide open studio time for you to create SoulCollage cards for your personal deck. In these gatherings, you have time and space to connect in with intimate community, access amazing imagery to create with, and time to create cards and explore their guidance in witness council space. PreRequisite: Intro to SoulCollage

“I like how Raven encourages us to express ourselves freely, in the raw, no holds barred.  She makes it okay for us to be silly, sad, happy... whatever we're feeling.  The cards are amazingly very telling and serve as great visuals for inner and outer work.  Participating in Creative Studios is something I look forward to every month.” Tracy

What People are Saying...

EcoSoul Retreat Center

Aurora, CO (RSVP for Directions)

Jan 13, 2018

12:15pm - 6:30pm

$45 per person (includes art supplies)

This is a potluck event