Crown Chakra (Thought)

Thought creates the structures that define your reality.

The Crown Chakra engages Witness Consciousness to become aware of the forces that influence your thinking.

This awareness supports you in releasing attachments to limiting beliefs and opinions, so you can open to more expansive potentialities that are present in the right now.

This level of awareness lights up the seventh stage of the Medicine Wheel of Life, in the Being of Elderhood. In this stage you are able to release attachment to lower identities, witness your contributions to evolution and merge with the oneness of all.

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

  1. Uncover the Forces that Influence your Thinking

  2. Release Attachments & Limiting Belief Systems

  3. Engage Witness Consciousness 

  4. Cultivate On-Going Mindfulness

  5. Deepen Your Meditation Practice

Expansive Thinking. Universal Consciousness. Transcendental Oneness.

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