Flowering Divinity


I am flowering Divinity

grace and beauty in action

embodied blooms

of love and laughter;

spirals of transformation

are birthed through my being;

flowers flourish through my breath.

I am the light of heart

blazing with intention

breathing words

of compassion

hope and joy

out into the ether -

for you to enjoy and luxuriate in. 

I am a creation,

always morphing

always birthing

always beautiful

always real

always tantalizing
life force that thrills.

I am rooted in nature

the cosmos fills my heart

I offer my grace

and attention

to the heart of every star

I am the one,

the only one,

that can do the work I do.

God is manifested in me

and I offer that to you.

Poem & SoulCollage card by Raven Shree