Ecstatic Chakras

THE MUSIC:  an elaborate saga of tribal, middle eastern, sensual, electronic, movie soundtrack, dance, trance, sounds from nature, transcendent melodies, and mind-blowing effects. Crafted to activate your chakras at a physical, emotional and vibrational level.

THE IMAGERY:  a visual feast of soul stirring imagery constructed with Raven Shree's photography and chakra metaphors captured through her magnificent SoulCollage creations -- intended to delight spirit and activate soul with deep imagery.    


THE EXPERIENCE: Beginning in the embodied and primal realm of the Root Chakra and rising up to the Crown of Universal Consciousness, you will ride expansive waves of musical vibrations unique to each chakra. Elemental activations will initiate you through each chakra portal, and animal totem energies will guide you throughout your journey. 

Come dance ecstatic bliss into each tier of consciousness and attune your cellular DNA with the breath of the Divine in enlivened community space. 

ECSTATIC CHAKRAS: Dance, Journey, Transform, and Transcend!  

Lovingly created for you by Raven Shree and DJ V

Journey into and through the 7 ascending energy vortexes of consciousness (Chakras) in this EPIC dance experience. Fueled by a powerful combination of exquisite music and amazing imagery, you will Embody, Experience and Express the unique chakra energies within you.

Raven Shree & DJ V

Photo By SuZen Merrell

“By far the most moving dance I’ve ever experienced!” ~Alan

“Wowee! Brilliantly Awesome! Gave me chills through my entire body! What a night!” ~Beth

“Dripped and oozed of yumminess … orgasmic on all levels. You rocked the house last night!” ~ Kate

"Amazing! I was inspired by the power of the music to connect me with all that is!” ~Chris

“Last night was so healing in so many ways, I walked away feeling lighter, connected, and inspired…Powerful!” ~ Doug

“A full purple lotus opened in my field right above me as my whole body started to tremble…as close to nirvana as a mom can get. What an experience! ~Stephanie