Breath is the most powerful medicine you have access to. It enlivens body, calms mind, soothes spirit, and is a vital  function of the planet’s respiratory system. The yogic word for harnessing the power of breath is Pranayama.

Air governs the universal frequency of the Heart Chakra; inhaling & exhaling, expanding & contracting, receiving & giving. The Heart Chakra cultivates the breath of compassion, forgiveness and love in all your relationships.

These energies enliven the fourth stage on the Medicine Wheel of Life, Dying into Love. Where we are supported in dying to the ego of the adolescence psyche, loving into deep mysteries of soul truth, and engaging heart centered alignment in all relationships; with self, other, and the soul of the world.

  1. Deepen & Expand Vitalizing Breath

  2. Engage & Experience Compassion

  3. Practice Forgiveness for Self & Others

  4. Engage Tender Experiences of Connectedness

  5. Enhance Relationships

E3 Alchemy events support you to: 

Balanced Breath. Compassionate Relating. Authentic Loving.

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