River Rock


I wrote this poem and created the above rock structure during a powerful death lodge experience on the Hoh River in the rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  

Blog: Dying by the River.  

On the right is me

or on the left,

depending where you are standing.

He is on the left

or on the right, based on perspective.

We both anchor Yin and Yang

Masculine and Feminine

Giving and Receiving

Each tier of consciousness

is activated

alert, present

embodied, healthy

sexual, sensual

powerful, courageous

loving, forgiving

truthful, communicative

visionary; hero’s journey

archetypes embodied

merged with God.

Each individual vertical structure

strong in itself;

me and him

him and me

Bridges connect us;

links to the underworld,

middle world,

upper world.

Bridges between souls

create a third entity;

a unity connection of us.

Partnership, Companions

linked together

individual and merged

anchored in the flow

of life - like the river.

Moving into continuous new moments

sprouting up, growing like trees

fruiting and flowering

offering sustenance

to ourselves and others

strong and flexible

a moment of love captured for all time.

This is what I vision

for me, for the world. 

I anchor this intention

so it may be: 





and so it is.