Root Chakra (Earth)
  1. Ground Embodiment

  2. Get Needs Met in Vital Forms

  3. Nurture Self & Others

  4. Connect with Wild Nature

  5. Honor Ancestral Lineage

Earth grounds consciousness into the Body, into Primal Now...into the Wild Animal Experience of Being Human.

Earth vibrates Root Chakra frequencies, which govern  heavier realms of being, such as surviving, having safe boundaries, getting physical needs met in vital ways, standing your ground, mortality.

These energies are represented in the first phase of the Medicine Wheel of Life. Nurturing the Seed. The Inhale. Home.  Stepping into New.  The Innocent. The Fool. Beginnings.

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

Honoring Body. Earth Stewardship. Activating Health.

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