Sacral Chakra (Water)  


Water is a Shapeshifter. It can be solid ice, flow like a river, and evaporate into air.  Your body is at least 70% water, therefore, the characteristics of water are inherent traits of your physical being as well.

Water governs the Sacral Chakra, which moves your body through space, it engages feeling and sensory input from the environment. Water moves and enlivens you through the movements of being alive.      

These energies emote the second stage of the Medicine Wheel of Life, the Garden of Earthly Delights. This realm of consciousness explores the world through senses, informing expansion & contraction of movement based on pleasure & pain.

  1. Experience the Sensate Realm of Being

  2. Have Genuine & Undistorted Feeling

  3. Be in Sacred Union Without Losing your Center

  4. Flow with Graceful Body Movement

  5. Heal, Nurture, Engage Intimate Connection

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

Physical Intimacy. Emotional Awareness. Flowing Passion.

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