SoulCollage ®
  1. BulletAspects of your Personality

  2. BulletRelationships that Shape your Life

  3. BulletAnimal Totems that Guide your Journey 

  4. BulletEnergetic components of your Chakra System

  5. BulletMedicine Wheel Teachings

  6. BulletArchetypal forces found in Tarot

SoulCollage ® is a unique & therapeutic form of Expressive Healing Arts. This amazing & quite addictive form of soul journaling supports you in creating a deck of collaged cards that express the wholeness of your being in its many textures.

Using cut out images from magazines, and maybe even your own photos, SoulCollage takes you on an amazing adventure through the landscape of being, creating art along that way that Engages, Explores and Expresses the many parts of you, such as:

Intro to SoulCollage ®

Introduction to the therapeutic container of SoulCollage and card creating

Creative Studios

Community Card Creating Playshop

SoulCollage Immersions

Themed immersions into core themes of human and divine being.

Shamanic Soul Gatherings

Group SoulCollage reading circle

Private Sessions

Vision Circle Quest (available in person and via phone).

Special Events

Specialized experiences for family gatherings, wedding ceremonies and special events. 

SoulCollage Events 

  1. BulletCreative Expression

  2. BulletEmotional Processing

  3. BulletCharacter Development for Writers

  4. BulletVisual Autobiography 

  5. BulletCommunication Tool in Relationships

  6. BulletCommunity Art Making

SoulCollage can be used for...

“SoulCollage has become a fun, powerful and artistic outlet in my life. Working with images and themes, I am creating art from my personal experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. Raven is a gracious guide. She has a unique ability to inspire expression and transformation. Her insightful interpretation of SoulCollage provides wisdom, while allowing me to embody each creation however it fits my life."  Christi

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