Sacred Symbolism

Exploring archetypal themes of your life through Tarot provides inspiration and guidance for your life journey.

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On-Line Tarot Reading 
By Llewellyn

E3 Alchemy offers workshops that combine the magic of Tarot with the Expressive Healing Art of SoulCollage. Journey through the archetypal forces of your life and discover your sacred symbols along the way. 

Alchemists, Shamans & Artists from the dawn of time have used symbols to Explore, Express and Celebrate the journey we take as human beings along the Medicine Wheel of life.

One of the ways symbolism has been explored throughout the ages is through the art & ritual of Tarot. A standard Tarot deck consists of 78 cards; 22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana. Major Arcana cards represent core archetypal themes and milestones we all experience as human beings on our journey of life and death. Minor Arcana cards represent common concerns related to the daily activities of life.

While there is immense power in working with Tarot cards someone else has created, working with a deck you created yourself is a profound way to discover and honor your core truths.