1. Express Your Creativity

  2. Vibrate Mantra Medicine

  3. Enhance Communications

  4. Speak Truth

  5. Expand Positive Vibrations in the World

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

Ether is the vibrational field that unites the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air.  It is the vibrational frequency that transmits creation through time & space.

Vibrations are transmitted through the Throat Chakra, the portal through which life force is expressed. It is here where you transmit being through various forms of communication, while listening to messages from spirit, soul and the great mystery. 

This level of living truth is expressed in the fifth stage of the ChakraSoul Wheel of Life at the WellSpring of Soul. At this stage of evolution, your unique expression of soul is offered as a service to the larger world community.  

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Creative Expression.  Effective Communication. Harmonious Truth.

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